President’s Message

to Contribute
to Society



Since the founding of our company in 1878, amid more than 140 years of change, we have applied our superior development capabilities and technical expertise to bring numerous new products to the world and to expand our operations.

Safety and Renewal Fields

We have built a solid foundation as a provider of industrial fiber-based materials and have continued to diversify our business operations by applying the core technologies that we cultivated in textiles. Now, having surpassed the boundaries of the textile industry, our central operations are in the fields of safety and renewal activities, such as safety-related automotive parts and the reconstruction of essential utilities.

Providing New Value

As we move forward, we hold as our mainstay our company creed, which is the guide we use for our initiatives to achieve our corporate management goals. We will integrate new technologies with the manufacturing strengths that we have accumulated over many years to create further added value and to contribute to society by providing new value.

Strive for Excellence

Furthermore, we will flexibly respond to the needs of this era of change as we aim to be an “Excellent Company” that can compete on the global stage, and we will continue to achieve further improvement and growth.
At the same time, to be a company that is respected both domestically and internationally, we will strive to maintain positive relationships with all of our stakeholders, including customers, shareholders, employees, suppliers, and local communities. We will achieve this by actively fulfilling our responsibilities as a public entity, which include the comprehensive implementation of compliance and the upholding of sound corporate ethics, as well as initiatives to tackle issues such as environmental problems.

We ask for your continued support.