Corporate Profile

Company Name
  • Ashimori Industry Co., Ltd.
Founding Date
  • November 7, 1878
Date of Incorporation
  • December 27, 1935 (reorganized as a joint-stock company)
  • 8,388 million yen (as of March 31, 2023)
    Listed on the Prime Market of the Tokyo Stock Exchange
  • Shigeyuki Washine, President
Head Office
  • 7-11-61 Senrioka, Settsu, Osaka 566-0001, Japan
Number of Employees
  • Approximately 2,500 (consolidated); as of March 31, 2023
  • ●Seatbelts ●Airbags ●Steering wheels ●Tonneau covers ●Electric sunshades ●Sunshades ●Separation nets
  • ●Materials and equipment for PALTEM pipeline rehabilitation ●Construction materials
  • ●Fire hoses ●Hoses for fire hydrants ●Large-diameter hoses ●Industrial/civil engineering hoses ●Disaster prevention materials and equipment
  • ●Synthetic ropes and belts ●Canvas and silica screens ●Labor-saving logistics systems ●Personal fall-arrest equipment ●Construction materials