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Fire Hoses

Eco-Mark Environment-Preserving Fire HosesEco Series

The environmentally friendly Eco Series has a hose jacket made partly of fibers from recycled plastic bottles. With today’s need for increasing environmental awareness and action, choosing the Eco Series Jet Hoses means helping make society greener.

Eco Series


  • Approximately 110 plastic bottles (500-ml size) go into the making of one Eco Series hose. This product has been granted Japan’s Eco-mark label in recognition of its environmental friendliness.
  • The use of recycled plastic bottles is not the only feature of the Eco Series. Using only slightly more material than our previous product, this hose offers a dramatic improvement in abrasion resistance. A longer hose life cycle means more effective use of limited resources and less frequent need to manufacture and purchase new hoses.


Product Eco Ace α
Working pressure 1.6MPa
Number 655040
Weight 310±10g/m250±10g/m190±10g/m
Weave TwillTwillTwill
Product Eco Dia α
Working pressure 1.3MPa
Number 655040
Weight 280±10g/m230±10g/m170±10g/m
Weave TwillTwillTwill

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