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PALTEM (Pipeline Automatic Lining SysTEM) is a type of trenchless technique for rehabilitating buried pipelines—such as those carrying potable water, sewage, agricultural water, gas, telecommunications signals, or electricity—without having to dig up the pipe. This environmentally friendly method minimizes damages to pipeline surroundings while supporting lifeline infrastructure, helping procure safe water, and ensuring that residents can continue to live in their neighborhoods.

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PALTEM Techniques

PALTEM Techniques

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Other Products

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Can be used for continuous installation over multiple spans, and when the vertical shafts under the manholes are of varying heights.
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Making the Most of Core Technologies Involving Fiber and Resin

Going beyond materials employed in our PALTEM methods, we are contributing to society by developing a variety of products that make full use of our core technologies for skillfully creating products using fiber and resin.


UNILINE is a type of hose developed for use in indirect cooling systems for underground electric power cables. It withstands high pressures, while being lightweight for easy transportation and handling during installation. Moreover, it can be supplied in lengths of up to 600 meters.

SZ Piles

This is an H-shaped earth-retaining material made of GFRP (glass-fiber reinforced plastic) that can be cut by a shield tunneling machine. This environmentally friendly product significantly reduces the need for soil stabilization and can be expected to reduce costs and shorten construction times.


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