Industrial Materials (High Performance Products Business Division)

Wide Range of Products to Meet Diversifying Needs

In the Industrial Materials Division, Ashimori manufactures and markets a variety of products, including fiber material for fishing ropes, other marine ropes, timing belt reinforcing fabric, filter cloths, and labor-saving logistics systems.
Besides constantly striving to improve existing products, we have numerous development projects underway in a range of fields aimed at coming out with new products.
We are certain that you will find products that meet your exacting needs in the extensive lineup of Ashimori’s Industrial Materials Division.

Diverse Textile Combinations Provide Security in Various Fields

The Industrial Materials Division has provided numerous products to meet a diverse range of needs, starting with rope products?which this division has handled since its inception?and extending to combinations of functional materials, with a particular focus on textile products and metals.
These products cover a wide range of applications, including ropes for use in the marine, fishery, and land-based fields; cords for use in communications, electrical power transmission, and light electrical appliances; wide-woven textiles for use mainly as reinforcement for rubber materials; filter cloths for use in various fields, particularly food and medicine; as well as a lightweight silica screen with outstanding fire resistance

Bringing Fresh Ideas to the Market by Developing Next-Generation Products

As well as developing reinforcing cloth for timing belts, which play a key role in driving automobile engine components, we have also made major contributions to reducing the labor in logistics operations through our Air Roll System, an innovative system designed to reduce the work involved in loading and unloading trucks. Along with our various labor-saving devices, we have developed Cal-Pane thermal barrier partition panels, which improve delivery efficiency by enabling dual temperature zones for truck transport. And in the area of work safety, in addition to a variety of materials, we supply safety-enhancing equipment designed to prevent falls during work activities conducted in high places. We are actively involved every day in developing innovations in rope products with the goal of bringing new proposals to market.

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