Industrial Materials (High Performance Products Business Division)

Labor-Saving Logistics Systems

We handle a wide variety of trucking- and logistics-related products, such as Air Roll System and Light Slider labor-saving loading/unloading equipment, NA Tightener load-securing clamps for trucks, and Cal-Pane thermal barrier partition panels for trucks.

Since Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Company, Ltd. is the distributor for labor-saving logistics systems, any inquires should be forwarded to this company.

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Nikkeikin Aluminium Core Technology Company, Ltd.
Transport Equipment Business Unit


Tightener for Securing Vehicles for Marine Transport

The A2015 and A6001 tighteners have a simple construction that was designed to effectively tighten straps that hold motor vehicles on carrier vessels. The tighteners offer ease of lashing and ease of use. We have a wide range of models for use with all kinds of vehicles, including passenger cars, trucks, and heavy-duty trucks.


1. Lightweight

  • Simple, lightweight construction means easy carrying.

2. Fast

  • Easy, one-touch lever operation dramatically reduces tightening time.

3. Strong

  • The tough metal hardware and sturdy webbing ensure that stored products stay safe and tightly secured during transport.

4. Won’t loosen

  • Even in the roughest seas of ship transport, the webbing stays clamped and won’t loosen.

5. Long lasting

  • The A2015 provides especially superb durability, with a patented slide-clamp construction effectively maintaining the webbing’s strength, with practically no weakening over the long term.

We can flexibly design products to specifications that meet your exact needs. Products can be tailored to storage space size and specific applications.

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