Research and Development

R&D Area

Automotive Safety Systems

Seat belts
Air bags
Automotive interior parts

Functional Products

Disaster Prevention
Industrial materials

Our mission is to "contribute to society by providing a new value." To fulfill this mission. we have established an R$D system targeting the fields of automotive safety systems and functional products-including disaster preparedness products. industrial materials. and PALTEM-and we are moving forward width unceasing effort.
Harnessing Core technologies to Expand Safety,Comfort,and Peace of Mind


Tubular fabrics,wide-width fabrics,rope,


Seat belts,Automotive interior parts,tightener,etc.


Fire hose,PALTEM,SZ structural materials,etc.


Air bags,AirRoll System,Bags for civil engineering applications,etc.

Integrating Into Systems
By deploying and combining our four core technologies of braiding/weaving,resin(coating)processing,winding/fastening,and engaged in ongoing R&D with the aim of expanding into new business areas in the market for products that provide safety,comfort,and peace of mind.

Committed to R&D and Quality Improvement, Always Aiming for Performance and Quality that Lead the Way

Responding flexibly to today’s rapid environmental changes demands a corresponding sense of urgency. When it comes to R&D conducted in our Automotive Safety Systems Business Division, we are working to increase the speed of development and enhance its accuracy. This is being achieved through a combination of data collection from high-precision test equipment, analysis based on computer simulations, and product design that makes full use of 3D-CAD systems. In addition, by listening to the voices of the marketplace and working to build products aimed at turning that feedback into reality, we are taking up the challenge of manufacturing, while remaining focused on achieving performance and quality that lead the way.

Quality Control

Maintaining and Improving the QC Structure to Meet Various Needs

To fulfill our mission of contributing to society by providing safety, comfort, and peace of mind, Ashimori Industry has appointed quality-assurance departments in all of its business divisions. In addition to complying with relevant standards and statutes, Ashimori Industry regularly reviews the degree of compliance with regard to the standards demanded by our customers. A quality control structure incorporating a PDCA cycle is established, maintained, and improved throughout every business process, including product planning, design, development, manufacturing, and shipment.

Quality Management System

ISO 9001 is a widely recognized international standard for quality management systems. It governs the management and supervision of the quality of services and manufactured products, with a view to ensuring customer satisfaction and promoting continuous improvement. IATF 16949, another international quality management standard, was formulated specifically for organizations in the automotive industry. Based on ISO 9001, this standard includes additional industry-specific requirements. The IATF 16949 standard was developed with the purpose of globally unifying automotive standards in the United States, Germany, France, and Italy. Ashimori Industry has succeeded in meeting the stringent requirements of this certification.