Disaster Prevention (High Performance Products Business Division)

Continuous Development and Advancement of Our Products since the Release of our Jet Firefighting Hose

Ever since 1952 when we released our Jet firefighting hose utilizing a proprietary latex-lining technique, we have never stopped developing and improving our products in this field. Our integrated process for manufacturing high-quality products encompasses strict material selection, hose jacket weaving, plastic lining, comprehensive quality control, and manufacture using state-of-the-art equipment. Our efforts have made possible the development of technologies for optimal materials, jacket weaving, and hose lining, and have allowed us to release hoses that are easy to handle, light, and durable.

Pursuit and Creation of New Value that Responds to Society’s Diverse Needs

In recent years we have been increasing the number of fields to which we provide various disaster-use hoses. We have had success developing and selling tunnel work and shipping hoses, and large-diameter hoses for supplying large volumes of water over long distances. In addition to fire hoses, we also offer a diverse range of disaster-relief products; for example, the Jet fogging system, the inflatable tent, life-saving equipment, and the Jastop water-blocking hydrogel-polymer bag. Through these and other products, we have striven to meet an increasingly wider range of needs throughout society.

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