Disaster Prevention Products (High Performance Products)

Since our development of the JET HOSE, Japan’s first fire hose to feature a latex rubber lining, we have been manufacturing and selling a range of disaster prevention and mitigation products that protect people and their environments from disasters, such as hoses that reduce the effects of flooding caused by climate change.

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Pursuing the Creation of New Value That Responds to Society’s Diverse Needs

In recent years we have been increasing the number of fields to which we provide various disaster-use hoses. We have had success developing and selling tunnel work and shipping hoses, and large-diameter hoses for supplying large volumes of water over long distances. In addition to fire hoses, we also offer a diverse range of disaster-relief products; for example, the JET FIRE FOGGING SYSTEM, the inflatable tent, life-saving equipment, and the Jastop water-blocking hydrogel-polymer bag. Through these and other products, we have striven to meet an increasingly wider range of needs throughout society.

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Disaster Prevention Sales Department

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