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The pressurized water flow in the water curtain hose, with high-pressure water jets that are sprayed from water curtain nozzles positioned with a 30 cm spacing, is able to form a water curtain over a broad zone to a height of 7 m.
Along this water curtain being able to block the radiant heat generated by the fire, this superior hose characteristics include being able to cool the adjacent buildings to prevent from exposure fire.
Moreover, this high cooling performance can also be applied to secure an evacuation route or keep use in cooling hazardous stored materials.

Water Curtain Hoseス Water Curtain Hose


Product Water Curtain Hose
Number 65
Length 20m
Water curtain nozzle Diameter 5mm・30cm interval
Weight 7.5kg
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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