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Fire Hoses

Large-volume Water-supply HosesJET MEGA FLOW® / JET MULTI FLOW®

Large-volume water-supply hose JET MEGA FLOW® / JET MULTI FLOW® are effective for large-scale fires, etc., with the purpose of sending a large amount of water to a long distance. "JET MEGA FLOW" and "JET MULTI FLOW" are developed based on the design concept that prioritizes safety and ease of use. Since both sides of the hose are covered with urethane resin, it has high weather resistance and durability.

Large-volume Water-supply Hoses


  • Since the inner and outer surfaces of the hose are coated with urethane resin, it has excellent wear resistance and weather resistance.
  • Maintenance is easy because there is no weight increase due to getting wet and it is resistant to dirt.
  • Yellow, which has excellent visibility, is used as the standard color. specification.

Lineup and Specifications

Working pressure 1.2MPa 1.4MPa 1.6MPa
Number 400 300 200
Weight 9,000±400g/m 5,500±300g/m 2,800±100g/m
Working pressure 1.6MPa 1.3MPa 1.6MPa
Number 150 150 100
Weight 1,700±100g/m 1,500±100g/m 1,100±100g/m
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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