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Rope for Training and RescueAshimori Jet Ranger Rope

With the reliable Orange Line. The Color Range Provides 5 vivid Colors

The Ashimori Jet Ranger rope has superior strength and safety that is produced in JIS certified facilities.
Ranger Rope is produced through a strict quality control and it assures security and reliability for rescue activities and drills.
Furthermore, suitable textures are required that depend on the application, and our Business Division offers 4 types of Ranger Rope, from soft to super-hard. Moreover, the optimized Color Ranger is available in 5 vivid colors for identification, to meet our customer's needs.

Ashimori Jet Ranger Rope


  • Strength with suitable elongation
  • High safety
  • Ready workability
  • Suitable sliding characteristics, friction resistance
  • Select 4 types, depending on the intended application
  • Color Ranger available in 5 colors

Color Ranger

  • Red


  • Orange


  • Yellow


  • Green


  • Blue



Parameter Specifications
Configuration 3-stranded rope
Diameter 12 mm
Length 200 m/reel
Breaking force 30.0 kN or more
(JIS Standard 27.5 kN or more)
Elongation 45% or less

Water Rescue RopeJet Floating Rope

Jet Floating Rope is ideal for water rescue operations and drills. Ashimori’s years of experience have gone into rope construction that makes this product easy to use and handle.

Rope diameter Product number Diameter x Length Breaking force Material properties
Jet Floating Rope for Rescue AK-F Jet Floating Rope 12 mm×200 m 18.0 kN
or more
Polypropylene, Multifilament
Jet Floating Rope L for Rescue AK-FL Jet Floating Rope L 12 mm×200 m 18.0 kN
or more
Polypropylene, Monofilament

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