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Maintenance-free Coated Fire HoseLight Armor Series

The Light Armor Jet Hose is an extruded, coated hose that is lightweight for superb handling. The outer layer is a thin, strong, and colorful plastic with minimal friction, and the inner layer of the jacket is a urethane-based plastic that gives excellent water tightness. With the outer layer covered in plastic, this hose solves conventional problems with jacket hoses such as water absorption and soiling, making it quick drying and easy to clean.

Light Armor Series


Prevents Eater Absorption and Soiling

No water absorption means less soiling, easier cleaning, and faster drying.

Ideal for Cold Regions

High resistance to freezing makes the hose easier to maintain in cold regions.

High Abrasion Resistance and weather Resistance

The outer layer covering provides high resistance to scratches, making this product ideal for attaching to damaged nozzle heads.

Colors Provide High Visibility

The hose comes in two easy-to-see colors: red and yellow.

Light Armor Series Features


Product Light Armor King
Working pressure 1.6MPa
Number 6550
Weight 340±10g/m280±10g/m
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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