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Fire Hoses

With Easy Recognition Thanks to Eight Different TonesColor Hoses

The Color Series Jet Hoses are fire hoses that come in eight easy-to-distinguish colors. Besides the eight standard colors, the hoses can be made to order in clear finish or custom colors.

Color Hoses


  • The distinct colors make it easy to divide and distinguish hoses according to, for example, place of use, purpose, or year of purchase.
  • The colored polymer is absorbed deep into the jacket so colors won’t wash out, or become faded or altered over time through exposure to ultraviolet rays.
  • Surface coating effectively boosts the abrasion resistance of the hose.
Colors(8) (1) Red (2) Blue (3) Yellow (4) Green
(5) Dark green (6) Brown (7) Orange (8) Purple
  • Note: A clear finish is also available.

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