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Seat Belts

Our design concept of safety systems stands on simultaneous pursuit of “safety” and “comfort” and “convenience”. Seat belt is of course, for the purpose of protecting or minimizing occupants from injury in case of accident. At the same time, we consider the importance of higher tastes of its design as a part of car-interiors and easier and more comfortable to fasten.
Seat belts are supposed to fit the driver and passengers comfortably and should not disturb the occupants during a drive, however in case of emergency it should keep occupants under restraint by webbing lock. Today, the Seat belt has equipped Pretensioner that is a function of taking slack of webbing out instantly in order to restrain the occupants at the time of impact, and another function called “load limiter” that is to avoid over load onto the body of occupants to alleviate the impulse on the body right after the Pretentsioner worked. Over a period of many years, we have developed integration of various technologies into our Seat belts systems.
Moreover, in response to the Active Safety Systems, we developed a motorized seat belt system that is one of the impact prediction systems. When the vehicle determined that there would be a collision hazard or could not avoid a collision, the Seat belt pull the webbing to alert the driver to prevent or minimize the damage before a collision. This is an example of our challenges to approach to the next generation Seat belt. We go for more safe and more comfortable.
We have taken the advantage of highly advanced technology of testing and validation equipments and simulation systems to analyze the data to develop Seat belt as Automotive Safety Restraint Systems to be more reliable, more secure and more comfortable.

Seat Belts
Example of a front seat belt Example of a rear seat belt
Commercial seat belts having both passenger restraint capability and comfort
  • Retractor (equipped for child restraint system locking capability)
  • Retractor pretensioner
  • Lap anchor pretensioner
  • Load limiter (single, double, variable)
  • Motorized roller-type retractor
  • Tension reducer
  • Shoulder anchor adjuster
  • Buckle and tongue
  • Webbing

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