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A Technique for Rehabilitating Medium and Large Diameter Sewage PipesPALTEM Flow-Ring

The PALTEM Flow-Ring technique is a system for rehabilitating a wide range of pipes, including sewage pipes and agricultural irrigation pipes. Inside the pipe are assembled steel rings, onto which are attached polyethylene bars to form a new internal surface with a low coefficient of roughness. High-performance mortar is then inserted between this new surface and the original pipe’s inner wall, thus forming a strong new wall consisting of the steel rings and the hardened mortar.


  • Besides tubular culverts, the Flow-Ring technique can be used in box-shaped, arch-shaped, and other-shaped culverts.
  • Suitable for large pipes 800 mm in diameter or wider.
  • Can be used in portal construction in which only the pipe roof and sides are reinforced.
  • The combination of steel rings and mortar strengthens the inside of the pipe as well as rehabilitates it, allowing more design freedom in reinforced concrete structures.
  • All materials used comply with industry standards, so users are rest assured of high quality.
  • No need for investment in special materials or equipment.
  • The simple and safe installation method means workers require no special training. No pipe support work is needed.

PALTEM Flow-Ring

PALTEM Flow-Ring

PALTEM Flow-Ring

PALTEM Flow-Ring

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