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Fire Hoses

Hose Ideal for Firefighting DemonstrationsCompetition V SeriesNew Athlete 3, New Anchor 3

1. Bright blue surface treatment

→Since a vivid blue color, this hose becomes easier to distinguish from the white one, and it is a hose that can attract more attention at the firefighting demonstrations.

2. Resin coating for internal hose smoothing (and Riblet lining)

→In addition to the Riblet lining used on previous products, the hose employs a resin coating that smooths the inner layer.This further reduces friction on water in the hose and makes this the hose with the fastest water transmission in the Competition V Series.

3. Improve tortuosity newly

→"NEW athlete 3" reviewed the weave structure of the separate type jacket and greatly improved meandering during water flow

4. Reduction of cylinder reaction and improvement of margin formation

→"NEW Anchor 3" has reexamined the weave structure of the separate type jacket, and greatly improved low recoil and margin part forming property.

5. JET Quick Fixture, JET Quick Fixture II

→With its superb reputation, the JET Quick Fixture Series is used regularly at firefighting demonstrations all over Japan, as well as in actual firefighting situations.
New Athlete 3

New Athlete 3:Ideal for first or second hose

New Anchor 3

New Anchor 3:Ideal for third hose


Product Competition V Series: New Athlete 3 Competition V Series: New Anchor 3
Working pressure 1.3MPa1.3MPa
Number 6565
Weight 290±10g/m300±10g/m
Weave TwillTwill
Reel diameter 29.5cm30.5cm
Standard length 20.2±0.1m20.2±0.1m
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

Hoses for firefighting demonstrations

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