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New product,Low pressure loss+high abrasion/flame/heat resistance hose
D Attack Ace

D Attack Ace using high strength aramid fiber was newly born in Dolphin series which is Ashimori's low pressure loss hose.
This hose is excellent in cut/abrasion/flame/heat resistance, and reduces the pressure loss by up to50%. while watering.

Note:The “D” of D Attack Ace is the acronym of dolphin.

D Attack Ace


●Smoothing of inner face resin

We have succeeded in smoothing the inner face, and pressure loss has been reduced by up to 50% while watering.

●Highly strong aramid fiber blended jacket

This hose is highly resistant to nicks/cuts and abrasions since 10% or more of the warp yarn is twisted together with highly strong aramid fiber. This hose successfully passed the abrasion resistance test stipulated by an ordinance standard and demonstrated abrasion resistance of 500 times or more.

●Attack Surface Treatment

A special surface treatment provides the hose with flame proofing, heat resistance, and abrasion resistance.

●Self-Save Lining

When the water line is pressurized and the hose is subject to a certain amount of heat, that portion is transformed into a wet fire hose. In other words, microscopic leaks in the hose protect it from fire.

D Attack Ace


Product D Attack Ace
Working pressure 1.6MPa
Number 655040
Weight 355±10g/m280±10g/m220±10g/m
Weave Twill
(warp yarn: 10% or more of the warp yarn is twisted together with highly strong aramid fiber)
Reel diameter 37.5cm37.5cm36.5cm
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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