Automotive Safety Systems


There is increasing recognition of the airbag as SRS (Supplementary Restraint System) a occupant protection device to supplement Seat belt. It has been made mandatory in the US although this has not been legislated in Japan. Today, due to rising safety awareness, it has become a standard device in all automobiles (for frontal impacts).
We have been in the vanguard during this period, starting our development work in 1986, and beginning mass production in 1989. Today we have various types of airbag systems such as passenger airbag, side airbag, curtain airbag, knee airbag and in progress pedestrian airbag. Our world most advanced hydraulic collision test system (sled collision simulation system) enables us to design and tune the Airbag systems for each individual characteristic of each vehicle.
How the Airbag works? The crash sensors that are built in the vehicle detects the occurrence of a collision and after being determined by the control unit of the on-board microprocessor and the gas generator will be fired then this will be the trigger, and then cushion of the Airbag will be deployed by the exhaust gas out of the fast-burning propellant or accumulated high-pressure gas. The deployment time is only 25-60 millisecond (approx. 10 millisecond for the side Airbag that protects the torso in side-impact collisions). Thus Airbag systems require highest integration and harmony of the most advanced technologies in the fields of fiber, chemistry, electro-techniques, electronics, control, mechanics and electric sensor.


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