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Hydro-gel Polymer Water Blocking BagKyusui-kun

Steady Absorption

Kyusui-kun is a sheet specifically for water absorption. The material used is highly safe and secure, the same as for Jastop. 2 types for large scale and small scale are prepared.



  • Countermeasure during breakage of water supply pipes
  • Water leaks from a ceiling
  • For overflows in the bathroom
  • For rainwater penetration through doors and windows
  • Removal of water puddles

Standard specifications

Type For each sheet For each case
Dimensions Amount of water absorption Qty Weight
L 38 × 49 × 0.8 cm 9 L 50 sheets/case 10 kg
S 30 × 45× 0.5 cm 3 L 50 sheets/case 3 kg

Hydro-gel Polymer Water Blocking BagJastop

Rapid Swelling is the Decisive Factor

Water-absorbing polymer Jastop is an innovative water blocking material with the highly useful property of absorbing water and swelling over a short times.
The polyester nonwoven bag is filled with a specialty water absorbent and swells on exposure to water in less than 1min. When water invades homes or underground malls, during long rains or the downpours of typhoon season, or due to waterway accidents, it can serve the same purpose as a sandbag of forming a dam.
Sandbags are conventionally used in these applications, but in practical terms sand must be stored at these locations to enable the sandbags to be prepared within a short period of time. There are disadvantages in producing sandbags, both in that their weight can hinder their use in water blocking operations, and also the need for large spaces to store the sand.
Jastop is lightweight and compact and does not take up large storage space, moreover a very short time is required for the absorption of water and swelling to form the water-blocking bag to prevent the penetration of water, and furthermore it is an advanced flood prevention material with exceptional handleability that largely obviates the problems with sandbags.





  • Alternative to sandbags
  • Forming guides for water drainage
  • As mats for large scale water absoprtion
  • Applied to prevent water damage during fire fighting operations
  • Misc. (prevent the spread of oil)


  • Absorbs water and swells in less than 1 min, to form a water blocking bag.
  • Lightweight and compact, with superior handleability.
  • Much less space required for storage.
  • Robust outer bag, with good durability.

Jastop product and packaging specifications

Product specifications Before water absorption After water absorption
Size (cm) 33 × 52 × 2.3 (W x L x H) 32 × 43 × 14 (W x L x H)
Weight (kg) 0.65 13 ? 14
  • The numeric value shows after 3 min of being completely immersed in water are expressed.
  • For other specifications, please consult with us.
Packaging specification External packaging case (cm) Inner packaging bag Weight
Made of synthetic resin Use for dampness prevention 20 pcs per case
38 × 56 × 50
(W x L x H)
Made from polyethylene 1.4 kg

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