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Hose Lining

PALTEM HL (Hose Lining) is a method of rehabilitating pipes by inserting a liner inside out into the pipe using air pressure. What characterizes PALTEM HL is a structure composed of a base hose (a seamless woven jacket with an extruded cover) treated with various reinforcement layers, making it adaptable to a wide range of construction and engineering conditions.
This technique was developed jointly by Ashimori and Tokyo Gas Co., Ltd. (Japan’s largest gas provider) based on Ashimori’s fire hose manufacturing technology.

Hose Lining

PALTEM HL Super-HL for Water Main Rehabilitation

Under Ashimori’s PALTEM HL technique for water pipeline rehabilitation, a tough, seamless, air- and water-tight hose made of a synthetic fiber jacket and covered with elastic skin?known as PAL-Liner?is used to create a new lining for existing underground pipes and newly added pipes.
The pipe relined with PAL-Liner has excellent earthquake resistance and superb durability. It has also been confirmed for the conveyance of safe-quality water thanks to certification under the JWWA (Japan Water Works Association) K143 standard. The PALTEM HL technique has been used so far to line over 450 kilometers of pipe in Japan and other countries.

PALTEM HL (Hose Lining Method)

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