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Fire Hoses

Large-volume Water-supply Hoses

These safe and secure large-diameter hoses offer high performance and high quality. With a design concept emphasizing ease-of-use, we have developed large-diameter hoses and a system for extending and retracting them. Ashimori’s large-diameter hoses can be used not only in times of emergency but are also useful for non-emergency work such as temporary construction.

Large-volume Water-supply Hoses


  • Can supply large volumes of water over long distances.
  • Urethane-based plastic on the inner and outer hose surfaces provides superior wear and weather resistance.
  • Coating on the inner and outer surfaces prevents water absorption and soiling, making cleaning and maintenance easier.
  • Safe and secure pressure-resistant design is made to prevent the hose from bursting during use.
  • The hose extension/retraction system fully retracts the hose so as to prevent hose deterioration during storage.

Note: The rail underneath the hose is to prevent damage to the hose until delivery to customers. It is not necessary when using the hose.

Lineup and Specifications

Working pressure 1.2MPa 1.4MPa 1.6MPa
Number 400 300 200
Weight 9,000±400g/m 5,500±300g/m 2,800±100g/m
Working pressure 1.6MPa 1.3MPa 1.6MPa
Number 150 150 100
Weight 1,700±100g/m 1,500±100g/m 1,100±100g/m
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

Hose Extension/Retraction System



Extension cart Extension cart and rail
Dimensions 4,990 × 2,350 × 1,912 (L x B x H) × 3,073 (H)
Weight 5t
Power source Diesel engine generator; output: 60 KVA
Speed (max.) 60m/min
Load (max.) 5.0t
Method Self-driving with remote controller
Applicable road surfaces Asphalt or concrete road surfaces (recommended)
Climbable road grade Max. grade: 7.4°(calculated value)
Functions of special note Hose winding, hose rewinding (extension, retraction),
Reel-set function with cart, 100V and 200V power source
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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