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Fire Hoses

Fixture for Firefighting DemonstrationsQuick Fixture

‘How can we quickly and securely attach hoses to pipe openings?’ That was the question from firefighters all over Japan. Ashimori has the answer.


By giving the mouth of the hose-end fixture a tapered shape, effective attachment to the pipe opening is possible even if attachment takes place at an angle. This hardware is essential equipment for firefighting demonstrations.

Quick Fixture

Fixture for Firefighting DemonstrationsQuick Fixture II

Improving on Ashimori’s Quick Fixture, the Quick Fixture IIhas a proprietary oval-shaped push ring that dramatically improves stability when carrying the hose on one’s shoulders. It’s ideal for firefighters looking to save minutes or even seconds of precious time.

Push Ring Shape

Push Ring Shape

Quick Fixture II

Hose Fixture for Firefighting DemonstrationsVic Fixture

More Compact Hoses

The Vic Fixture was developed especially for the Competition Series, hoses for use in firefighting demonstrations. Changing the attachment joint from the previous mushroom shape to a unique new shape makes the hose lighter and more compact. This means the hose can easily be wound into a compact ball, making the Competition Series easier than ever to wind out and back in.

Vic Fixture

Left: Previous fixture shape Right: Vic Fixture

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