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Inflatable TentJet Air Tent

Support for Rescue Activities During an Emergency

The Jet Air Tent G uses a CSM rubberized fabric, and achieves a lightweight and flame retardancy that is absent from conventional products.

Moreover, expansion can be performed within a short time period when necessary, approx. 3 min with the Jet Blow system (air blower), approx. 1 min with an air cylinder, so that it is a suitable tent for emergencies or migration.

Interior of tent

Interior of tent

Jet Air Tent

Characteristics of the Jet Air Tent G

1. CSM rubberized fabric used for awnings and air columns, with increased durability

The Jet Air Tent G uses a CSM rubberized fabric on both the inner and outer surfaces of the awnings and air columns, which conforms to grade 2 flame retardancy (JIS A 1322, 2 minute heating) CSM rubber deteriorates little over time, and also has superior durability

2. A mildewcide is blended into the awnings and air columns, so long-term storage is possible.

Mildew can create problems during long-term storage.
Thus, for the first time in the business world, a mildewcide is blended into the awnings and air columns so that the appearance of mildew can be controlled, making long-term storage possible.

3. The top of the tent is equipped with 2 air-vents to improve the interior comfort

The air exchange vent is provided at the top of the doorway so that there will not be concerns about water leakage.
In this way, air can be exchanged even when the doorway is closed, to improve the interior comfort.

4. A preparatory space in the doorway for excluding rain, wind and snow (Option)

The air expansion system is lightweight, simple to install. Rain and snow that reaches the cloth slips off into this vestibule.
This can also be use for warehouse storage.

5. Depending on the site, it is also possible to construct connections (Option)

Corresponding to the joint training and the requirement of multiple connections as a site, in addition to the conventional length-to-length connectors, width-to-width connectors and length-to-width connectors are possible. In this way it is possible to do construction that corresponds to the site.

Materials Specifications

Awning fabric Air column fabric Flooring fabric Test method
Coating material CSM rubber CSM rubber Polyvinyl chloride CSM rubber
Base fabric Nylon 235T Nylon 470T Polyester 280T Nylon 235T
Tensile strength ?0.49 kN/3 cm ?1.18 kN/3 cm ?0.29 kN/3 cm ?0.29 kN/3 cm JIS K 6404-3
Weather resistance (800 h) Nothing abnormal Nothing abnormal Nothing abnormal Nothing abnormal JIS K 6404-12
Flame retardancy JIS A 1322
(2 minute heating)
Complies with grade 2 fire retardancy
JIS A 1322
(2 minute heating)
Complies with Japan Fire
Service Low
Complies with Fire Defense Law
JIS A 1322
(2 minute heating)
Complies with grade 2 fire retardancy
Complies with grade 2 fire retardancy
JIS A 1322
Fire Service Law
Mildew resistance
(Wet way 2 weeks)
Satisfactory Satisfactory Satisfactory JIS Z 2911


Exhaust and Filling Device


Misc.: sand bags, pressure meter (pencil style), heat insulating sheet, dew condensation prevention sheet, fluorescent lamps equipped with guards (4 pc, packed in wooden crates), flood prevention tubes (2 bags per set), and air mats are available.

Jet Air Tent Standard Model and Specifications

Model SAT-343 SAT-453 SAT-663 SAT-812
Size (m) W × L × H 3×4×2.5 4×5×2.7 6×6×3 7.6×12×3.5
During storage (m) W × L × H 0.7×0.7×0.5 0.8×0.8×0.6 1.0×1.0×0.8 1.0×1.0×1.5
Time to expand Jet Blow Within 3 min Within 3 min Within 3 min Within 5 min
Aspirator Within 1 min Within 1 min Within 1 min Within 2 min
Weight(kg) Approx. 45 Approx. 70 Approx. 100 Approx. 260
No. of air columns (L × W) 3 × 6 3 × 6 4 × 9 5 × 20
Doorway 6 places 6 places 8 places 10 places
Lighting window 4 places 4 places 6 places 10 places
Ai vent 2 places 2 places 4 places 4 places
  • Note: W × L × H in the above table shows horizontal clearance × depth × height.
  • Note: SAT-812 need a specialized Jet Blow System.
    Moreover, for the inflation with the aspirator, two air cylinders are required for each air column.
  • Note: The standard color for the awnings is orange. They can be manufactured in yellow or white, according to customer preference.
    (the interior of the awnings is produced in white, or awning for light shielding is also available.)
  • Note: SAT-453, SAT-663 are also prepared as an cut down version.
    (Air columns obtain grade 2 flame retardancy, awnings and flooring comply respectively with the Fire Service Law)
  • Note: Cold resistance (snow resistance) specification can be provided in the configuration shown in the diagram below.

Note: the cold resistance (snow resistance) specification adds to the improved cold resistance material, and :
1) The inclination of the roof is made acute;
2) Increase the number of lateral air columns.
3) The awning has a two-ply structure.
As a result, it is designed for increased buckling resistance and increased heat retention during a snowfall.

Standard accessories
1 storage bag for the main body 1 foot pump 8 (12) pegs 1 hammer 8 anchor ropes (12)
10 S 100ps (20) 6 plastic chains 1 emergency repair kit 2 ground sheets 1 accessory storage box
Command center, first aid station and emergency evacuation area during a disaster
Rest station, short sleeping place, or temporary material store house
Misc., it can be employed for many intended uses.
When using this product, please peruse the instruction booklet thoroughly, and use properly.
The colors of the actual products may differ slightly from those in this catalog.
Please note that the specification and design of the product can change without prior notice.

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