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Collapsible Water TankAqua Flex

Ultra Lightweight, Standalone Simple Water Tank
Handy Water Tank, for When it’s Important

The Aqua Flex differs from the conventional water tank set-up, even without a base frame and support brace, this innovative product is transformed into a water tank by the user alone, who only adds water. For this reason, hardly any set-up time at all is needed, and the product is lightweight and compact.

Aqua Flex

Capacity and Size

Product No. Diameter (mm) Height (mm) Capacity (L) Basic unit weight (kg)
AF-050 1,200 500 560 3.0
AF-100 1,550 550 1,040 5.5
AF-200 2,100 600 2,070 11.0
AF-300 2,300 750 3,110 13.5
AF-500 2,700 900 5,150 18.0
AF-700 3,000 1,000 7,060 21.5
AF-10B 3,600 1,000 10,170 28.0
AF-15B 4,000 1,200 15,070 35.0

The body comes in two colors, blue and orange, but only blue can be used with potable water.


  • Only add water, requires a short period of set-up time by the user alone. Takes 1/4 to 1/5 of the time of the conventional product.
  • No need for a support brace, lightweight and compact. From 1/2 to 1/3 that of the conventional product.
  • Robust, safe materials, also comes in several sizes.
Aqua Flex

Accessories, Options

Coupling for water supply and drainage Light alloy coupling (65A) with cap 1 accessory unit on the main body Except for AF-050, 100
Suction hose stand
(width 300 mm)
Lightweight resin-coated tube pipe 1 accessory unit on the main body Except for AF-050, 100
AF-500 and higher have 2 units
Storage bag PVC tarpaulin sewn product Option All parts including the main body and suction hose stands can be stored.
Dust-proof cover, groundsheet Fiber reinforced multilayer
Polyethylene sheet
Option Cover is used for many purposes such as storing potable water.

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