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Fire Hoses

The Standard for Light, Twill-Weave Fire HosesLight α Series

Made of a twill-weave jacket and dual-layer engineering plastic, the Light α Series is both tough and flexible: a true standard in fire hoses.

Twill-Weave Jacket

The warp-to-weft ratio is 2-to-1. This helps protect the weft, thus improving abrasion resistance. It also results in fewer warp-weft crossings and thus a more flexible hose.

Light α Series


Flexible and Easy to Handle

The twill-weave jacket is characterized by a flexibility that helps reduce firefighters’ fatigue and aids in quick response to fires.

Light and Compact

The dual layer of engineering plastic means the highly durable elastomer provides a thin lining that contributes to a light, compact hose.

Tough and Resistant to Scratches and Abrasion

The hose’s flexibility means it is highly resistant to kinking and thus less susceptible to the abrasion that comes with such kinking.


Product Light Ace α
Working pressure 1.6MPa
Number 655040
Weight 300±10g/m245±10g/m190±10g/m
Weave TwillTwillTwill
Reel diameter 35cm33cm33cm
Product Light Dia α
Working pressure 1.3MPa
Number 655040
Weight 280±10g/m230±10g/m170±10g/m
Weave TwillTwillTwill
Reel diameter 33cm33cm33.5cm
Product Light Star α
Working pressure 1.3MPa
Number 655040
Weight 280±10g/m225±10g/m165±10g/m
Weave TwillTwillTwill
Reel diameter 33cm33cm33.5cm
  • Note: Specifications are subject to change without prior notice in order to improve quality.

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